Tuesday, August 22, 2017


How To Set Boundaries In A New Relationship

    When the book, The Rules, by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, first came out in 1995, it became an instant worldwide hit. Women everywhere...


9 Things To Expect When Thinking about Moving To The City

Thinking about moving to the city? you have big dreams and many things to accomplish.. well you should put this in your mind before you go 1- There's a lot more traffic than you imagine. 2-...
Kevin Hart Denies Cheating

Kevin Hart Completely Denies Cheating Allegations

Kevin Hart And Eniko Parrish, are still in the newlywed stage of their marriage since they got married 11 months ago and, already, the cheating scandals are started earlier this week and picked the...

5 Habits That Will Prevent And Remove Your Dog’s Ticks

Ticks cause several health problems for canines. Constant scratching from the blood-suckers will lead to wounds and skin infections. When ticks are not successfully removed or left too long in your pet, he can...

21 Confusing Photos That’ll Make Scrunch Up Your Face

Human brain is more complicated than you think it is... the more researchers discover the less they know about the human brain and how he functions.. yet the Brain processes information from different senses...
Kim Jong Un

10 Things You Didn’t Know About North Korea

Since you have arrived here I'll assume that you already know North Korea president Kim Jong Un AKA the Supreme Leader, But we are not going to talk that much about him instead your...
Celebrities You Never Knew Were Gay

Celebrities You Never Thought Were Gay

In The Modern world, The LGTB community is starting to build momentum more than ever and have much more freedom than ever had before, after France the united states legalized Gay marriage, gay couples...

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