Cop Pulls Over Woman and Kindly Pays for Car Her Repairs


Officer's act of kindness

Courtney Bailey just knew she was going to get ticketed during a traffic stop Tuesday in Durham, North Carolina.But what Ofc. D.P. Strandh did for her instead, Bailey says, changed her view on life.STORY:

Posted by WTHR-TV on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Meet officer standlh, a North Carolina police officer, and a very kind human being
Standlh was in a normal patrol when he pulled over Courtney Bailey for not wearing her seatbelt and speeding first and having expired driving license as well while she was heading to sell her plasma TV because sadly she lost her job recently
You might think that officer standlh was very kind and let her go without writing her a ticket, well that’s very nice but I didn’t stop there!
Officer standlh reported that he felt some kind of a connection with Courtney and knew she needed help so as a police officer and a very kind person standlh offered to help her even from his own money.

“I don’t really know. I just felt some sort of connection with her”
Strandh told North Carolina television station WRAL.
Later on, that day officer standlh took Bailey to Mr.tire for car inspection and some brand new tires and paid for the services as a treat to Bailey.

Courtney Bailey said reported “The first thing that pops into my head is that you’re a cop, on a cop’s salary, and you’re about to drop $200 on me? You don’t know me.” she continued “That type of consideration and compassion isn’t something that you’re really used to like nowadays with humans in general, especially not police officers.”

Bailey posted a video on Facebook sharing with people her unexpected situation earlier and the video went viral until officer standlh saw it before he got home to tell her the story.
“She saw it and she asked me about it, and I said, ‘Yeah, that’s my stop,’” Officer Strandh said to WRAL.

We would like to share this testimonial video from one Durham resident highlighting a compassionate action from Officer Strandh from our Traffic Service Unit earlier this week. What an awesome example of community policing.

Posted by Durham Police Department on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Officer stands act of kindness have given Courtney Bailey and much other a whole new perspective about police officers
“I think that’s the thing that really touched other people. We get so caught up in just kind of making it that we forget to really connect with someone else’s humanity,” Bailey said to WRAL.

and since the people heard the story threw out the facebook video other kind people offered to continue help Bailey by helping her to find a new job to support her self and her kid…
here’s a quote from that viral video
“All black people ain’t criminals, all police ain’t looking to kill us,” Bailey told the Herald Sun. “Something has to give, and especially after today I’m willing to give it a chance.”

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