Being faithful couple
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Being Faithful is such a big word and much bigger commitment if you think just because you’re not making out or sleeping with others in secret that you accomplished the definition of the word you should think again.

Just because you don’t sleep with other persons doesn’t mean you’re completely faithful, just because you’re not kissing others and messing around your faithful

Faithful is a big word and much bigger commitment, it means you are completely satisfied with your spout and let go all of your previous habits whether it was late night texts or online profiles in the dating sites or booty calls or any backup plans if there were, not that you have to. it’s because you want to.

That is by letting go all of the flirting that you come a cross every time and all the thing you use to do when you were single, for example by telling the girl next to you at the bar that you are taken before you get started with her, that means telling the girl who’s hitting on you that you are not interested in any instance conversations or actions even if you didn’t start it because you’re only attracted to your partner who’s waiting for you at home.

Being faithful couple
” faithful “

Being faithful means you proudly showing to people your wedding ring on your finger, it’s a clear message that you’re happy at home with your love and not just the wedding ring that includes other things such as all of you social media profiles updates and turn off all of your dating sites when you were a single man and never purposely trying to make other people think that you’re single man so that they treat you differently.

It doesn’t end here, Being faithful means being honest with your partner about how you came across your ex or the hot girl who asked you your phone number at the bar, no matter what you’re getting your self into with your partner doing these small things on purpose will eventually strengthen your relationship ever stronger because you know what is ok and not ok with your partner and never cross those lines.

Being Faithfull doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot react to people on social media or real life, you can comment share and text back with anyone, but if your gonna hide those messages from your partner that means you got too intimate in a way that hurt you spouts feeling and turn on his jealousy. that it crossing a thin line in your relationship. treat your partner exactly the way you wanna be treated and your behavior should be exactly what you expect from your partner…

Eventually, I hope you understand that being faithful is not about getting other people into your bed, Faithful is how you react and how you behave and how you respect your partner even if he or she doesn’t see you even if you’re in long distance relationship. Faithful is acknowledging to your self that your love is the only person in the world that you give him all of your love feelings and appreciation, it’s the confession to your self that no other woman has the ability to trigger your emotional and sexual feelings besides your love… In general, it means that you have finally found the right person to be the father of the mother of your kids and you’re done researching.

Being faithful couple

if you think this is what it means to be faithful, share this with your friends and their spouts, if you have any additions please tell us in the comments section…

And if you disagree… tell us why 🙂

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