Doggies will always be a man best friend, but they don’t always behave as they supposed to.. when they feel lonely or bored or angry or even jealousy.. they can do some serious damage to what ever they put their nose in.. yet they can always get away with it with that guilty face they make which makes you forget all about it
here are couple photos of dogs with that Innocent adorable faces

Although ET’s Healing powers, apparently It didn’t helped him in this situation

That’s the last thing you can think of when you this situation!

This doggy is doing dogs things, his parents should be proud

That’s just weird and sad he must be very lonely

he is a small doggy but acts like a lion

he just feels ashamed of what he did, what do you think he just do?

I’m not sure what the story is, but based on the tinsel, I’m going to assume he got into an Easter basket? Hope he didn’t eat too many Peeps!

for a dog in that size… that’s a lot of work he must’ve been busy

that’s messed up, where are manners?!

where is my goddamn is cream?! I’m sick and tired of this *-/+%!

This little bud seems to have found himself in quite the predicament. I’m honestly mad that this owner took a picture before helping him get unstuck!

no comment!

Typical Labrador acts.. he’s not a lab if he didn’t do this at least once, Sometimes the food ads in magazines look too good. It’s not your fault, bud.

is there anything more joyful in a dog’s life that tarring down pillows?

that’s why you must never forget to take out the trash while you can

After a long time suffering from failing relations, he finally found love 

I don’t think this is entirely his fault

what?! he thought it was Viagra he had a date with a full-size dog!

what about when he meet’s his shadow

I’m not sure what this bud just did


Terminator 3.0


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