Since the beginning of time and female beauty was and still a powerful thing, there’s a lot of books and poems that describe the pretty woman in many ways, The Eastern civilization and the Muslim world have their part of the most beautiful woman in the world you probably haven’t heard about them before. So let’s take a look at 10 most beautiful Muslim women.

1. Fahriye Evcen – Turkeyworld most beautiful girl Fahriye Evcen – Turkey

Fahriye is a famous Turkish actress that’s known for her elegant style, heart-warming acting and a very loving nature and positive attitude. She’s incredibly beautiful and stylish and always looks fabulous, whether she’s on or off the screen or just having a casual time outside. You cannot absolutely find a person in whole Turkey who doesn’t know her. She’s got quite a big following thanks to her looks and her talent as well, So for many Turkish people, Fahriye Evcen is the prettiest woman in the world.

2. Cyrine Abdelnour – Lebanonworld most beautiful girl Cyrine Abdelnour

Cyrine is considered to be one of the most beautiful woman in the world and the Middle-Eastern women in the world. Cyrine Abdelnour is a Lebanese singer, Actress, and a super model. Her music career quicked off in 2004 and by now she’s grown quite popular and her music as well known in the Middle-Eastern and Arabic countries around the planet. She has many musical hits and Her most famous single is “Law Bas Fe Aini” which means “if he looks in my eyes”.

3. Zarine Khan – Indiaworld most beautiful girl Zarine Khan

Zarine is an Indian model and actress, and she’s also known as one of the prettiest Muslim women in the world. She was born in Mumbai in a Pathan Family. Her acting career started with a couple commercials and a TV series. However, she truly reached the peak of her career when she worked in the film Veer with Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan. she played the role of a princess and the every body in the entertainment industry agreed that she was the perfect woman for that role because she is one of the most beautiful women.

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