Except for several countries in the world, planet earth is living the most peaceful happy time ever since humanity arrived in because back in the history there was nothing but unimaginable violent and battles literally in every part of the world that will never be forgotten.

As life goes on, people started to forget about the bloody history and because they don’t like to remember those events or they simply forgot about them, that’s how ice cream shops and schools get built over remains of evil deeds. unlike other places in the world that reveal the history of each area like streets in Berlin has a statue or plaque that bums out every passerby. Here are some everyday places you never thought this happened there.

1. The Lincoln Assassination Was Planned In This RestaurantPlaces That Have Dark Historical Secrets

This authentic Sino-Japanese restaurant is located in the heart of D.C.’s cultural center, only a short walk from Madame Tussauds, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, and the historic Ford Theatre.

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