Cats are weird, strange unpredictable animals as well, their cute faces forced her self in our homes and lives and even internet memes… Although they do nasty things such as spit hair balls and poop everywhere and do absolutely nothing besides being cute and sleep for 16 hours a day
That’s what we love about cats, but what e don’t know about them is fascinating… even if you’re a cats owner you might never read a thing or two about cats that you’re gonna see know… so Snuggle up with your cat and start scrolling.

1. The only place cats sweat is through their paws: 

cats paws
Source: Pixabay

with all that fur going on they don’t have a swear glands so the only place they can sweat from when they get overheated or frightened is through their paws. they can also like their fur. so from now on if you see a paws traces you’ll know that your cat is hot!

2. Cats and Squirrels have a lot in common:

Flaying cat
Source: Pixabay

Cats have a very strong survival instinct… cat’s always spent their time climbing trees and houses sniffing around and looking for some thing, as you know when a cat jump from low altitude it has the ability to land on her feets but what about high altitudes?
it has been found that cats have the ability to use that fur and make an umbrella to use that air during the fall and tries to land on their feets exactly as the squirrels like you watched them on Nat Geo.

3. There’s a name for a pack of cats:

a pack of cats
Source: Pixabay

No. they are not called a pack of cats… Actually, they are called a “clowder”.

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