Since you have arrived here I’ll assume that you already know North Korea president Kim Jong Un AKA the Supreme Leader, But we are not going to talk that much about him instead your gonna found out some facts that you probably never knew about his country due to the high level of state control of individual lives and due to the highly secretive nature of the country.. so Here’s 10 Thing You Didn’t know about this Controversial County.

1. Marrying Foreigners is a straight taboo

north korean wedding

By doing this, North Koreans will bring shame to their families
although it’s not legally prohibited for Koreans to marry a foreigner, the society considers it a taboo. The government also discourage the marriage and imposes very strict requirements as an indirect way to stop it. and if you did succeed you don’t Just Marry on any date of your choice because weddings in North Korea usually only held in spring and fall, and your wedding date must not interrupt with the Supreme Leader important upcoming event. for example, couples cannot marry on April 15th or February 16th, the birthdays of former leaders Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il.

2. Prostitution For Food!

Prostitution In North Korea

“sex for the price of rice.” is a common term which is used a lot between women who live in deep poverty and had to exchange sex for food, Although prostitution is not legally allowed, poor women’s use strategic places like train stations to offer `quickie´ in exchange for food or money just enough to buy a some rice.

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